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ICC instructors & curriculum are USCCA Certified and the United States Armed Forces tested. The founder of ICC enlisted in the Marine Corps in 2012 and now in his civilian life, understands the depth and intimacy of self-reliance and protection.

Recognizing that the missions of civilian life are different from the missions in military service, but the training and experience still apply, ICC looks to impart that knowledge, training, and discipline to help strengthen their community and make the world around them a safer place.

Explore all your options for learning about guns, self-defense, and tactical training with our comprehensive curriculum and more.

Join a class or schedule one-on-one instruction to help you as a potential or first-time gun owner, seasoned shooter, or those looking to build their tactical lethality and execution. ICC has the live training to help improve your fundamentals, self-defense, and shooting skills to reach your goals no matter what your experience.


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