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Morrison Sportsman's Club
8420 Garden Plain Rd
Morrison, IL 61270

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Mass shooters are often lumped together as a singular group. Just the term “mass shooter” as used by the media has a way of stoking fear and a sense of helplessness.


Indeed, the myths about mass shooters and the weapons they use are plentiful. But understanding how they behave and what actually drives them can be a powerful tool. 


“Countering the Mass Shooter Threat” is your comprehensive playbook on what motivates attackers and how to actually stop active shooters in houses of worship, schools, public spaces and businesses.


While there is no single profile that actually defines mass shooters, we now know more about these attacks (and how to stop them) than ever before by diving into the data from 48 mass shootings to reveal practical lessons you can use to defeat these heinous attacks.


Eliminating mass shooters requires more than media hype and misguided calls for more laws. It requires a protector’s mindset and the courage to actually stop the threat.


Now you can know what to do before, during and directly after an attack to save lives.


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5 Hours


The following course content will help you have an idea of what to expect during this class

Lesson 1: Discover why gun-free zones do not work

Lesson 2: Learn how to fight back and survive using the Run, Hide, Fight Methodology

Lesson 3: Understand how attackers think and how to identify pre-threat indicators

Lesson 4: Dispel common myths about magazine capacity, gun bans, and lockdown strategies

Countering The Mass Shooter

    If you plan on carrying concealed, I will assume you will be going to a range to practice with your firearm. Instead of buying cheap foam inserts, invest in good hearing protection which could mean electronic ear muffs or custom-fitted earplugs.

    Not all eye protection is made the same either. Your sunglasses are most likely not ballistic rated which means they won’t protect you from small projectiles and fragments. When purchasing eye protection, be sure you buy eyewear that wraps along the side of your eye as well.

    Prescription glasses technically qualify in a pinch but for continued practice with your firearm invest in a pair of prescription safety glasses. Your eyes & ears will appreciate it later.

    Proper shooting clothing includes closed-toe shoes, and a shirt with a closure around the neck. Long sleeves and a hat are suggested but not required.

    I would highly recommend wearing clothing that you plan to wear regularly and carry concealed in. This class will give you the opportunity to get a feel for what real life will be like.

    Dress appropriately for climate and discover if you’ll be at an indoor or outdoor range for the shooting portion by looking at the class info, or contacting us on here.

    Do not bring a firearm or live ammunition to the class on Day 1. On Day 2 please bring your pistol and 50 rounds of ammunition.
    Both your firearm and ammunition will be checked in by an Instructor upon entering the class. The firearm should be unloaded and in a case and should be stored seperately from the ammunition.
    The reason for this is to alleviate any potenional mix up of dummy rounds and live rounds. It’s best to leave your firearm and ammunition in the car or your range bag and only bring it to the range portion of the class.

    Participants may bring an IL State Issued photo ID (Drivers License) or FOID Card.

    Please remember it must be a valid ID, if it is expired or has an extension due to Covid-19 we can only recognize the expiration date on your ID/FOID.

    If you need special recognition due to a COVID-19 extention a review can be made on a case by case basis by contacting us on here.

    There will be a lot of information covered and required to retain. Taking notes, jotting down reminders, and tracking any questions or helpful information are encouraged.

    If at any point you need further information or need items repeated we want you to let us know. Our goal is to help you understand and retain the information given during the class, not just make you sit for 16 Hours. That helps no one achieve their CCL requirements or continue as a responsible firearms owner.

    Concealed carry classes can get long. When they’re taught year-round, you might find yourself in extreme weather conditions (hot/cold). Be sure to pack yourself snacks, possibly lunch, lots of water, and sunscreen (if you’re at an outdoor range).

    You will have a short break to eat but it is time sensitive so if you plan to leave to get it somewhere be back in time to continue with the rest of the participants.

  • *Note: ANY unsafe actions will be cause for immediate disqualification from class. NO refunds. ANY demonstrations verbally or physically of poor character will be cause for immediate disqualification from class. NO refunds. You must pass the shooting qualification in the scoring area of the target. You will be given 2 chances to qualify. If you do not pass, NO refunds.

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