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Last Saturday of Every Month, and immediate Sunday after - 2024


Morrison Sportsman's Club
8420 Garden Plain Rd
Morrison, IL 61270

As a USCCA Certified Curriculum approved by the Illinois State Police, you can expect more than just a boring packet of information. You will be emailed a digital booklet for the class when you sign up online and/or a printed version at the class itself, but you will also be immersed in an interactive lesson that includes dummy ammunition rounds, holsters, training pistols, and more items to facilitate hands-on learning.


Day 1 is 8 Hours, and Day 2 is 8 Hours to total the 16 Hours of certified instruction needed to obtain your Illinois CCL.

Day 1 covers gun safety & handling, self-defense planning, and conflict avoidance.

Day 2 covers Illinois & Federal Law, as well as the shooting qualification.


​For the shooting qualification, your instructor(s) are your Range Officer as well as the employees that work at the range. You'll be taught many range commands in the class prior to going on to the range.


To qualify you must live fire with a concealable firearm consisting of 10 rounds from 5 yds; 10 rounds from 7 yds; and 10 rounds from 10 yds at a B-27 silhouette target. 70% (21 out of the total 30) must hit in the scoring area of the target. You will have 2 chances to qualify. There is no shooting training or practice involved, just the qualification


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  • *You may provide documentation of completed training of any of the following courses to receive credit toward your 16 Hours.

    4 Hours   -   Illinois Hunter Safety Course

    4 Hours   -   Utah Concealed Carry Course

    4 Hours   -   Florida Concealed Carry Course

    4 Hours   -   Nevada Concealed Carry Course

    4 Hours   -   Missouri Concealed Carry Course

    4 Hours   -   Kentucky Concealed Carry Course

    4 Hours   -   Michigan Concealed Carry Course

    4 Hours   -   Chicago Firearms Safety Course

    8 Hours   -   NRA Basic Pistol Course

    8 Hours   -   NRA Personal Protection in the House Course

    8 Hours   -   NRA Personal Protection Outside the Home Course

    8 Hours   -   Active, Retired, or Honorably Discharged Member of the US Armed Forces

    8 Hours   -   Previously Qualified Law Enforcement or Corrections Officer (430 ILCS 66/75(j))

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